Chrystia Freeland and financial institutions are afraid of Fox News attacking them over freezing of bank accounts

In a cross-examination, the Deputy PM says it’s ‘significant’ that Fox News attacked the Liberal government’s draconian response to the Freedom Convoy’s protest because of the perception it leaves for customers watching.

Chrystia Freeland and banks are afraid of Fox News attacking them over freezing of bank accounts
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On day 30 of the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), Deputy PM and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland testified for over half of the day just before Prime Minister Trudeau takes the stand on the last day, which is tomorrow on November 25, 2022.

During the cross-examinations, Freeland was asked about a reference to the large American television channel, Fox News by a lawyer for the government of Canada.

She expressed that it was ‘significant’ that Fox News called out her and the financial institutions that were breaching the civil liberties of Canadian citizens over her call to freeze peaceful trucker convoy protesters’ bank accounts.

“The Fox News reference there is especially significant because many Canadian banks have significant operations in the United States and so having Fox News attack you isn't a problem only because Canadians might be watching.” 

Freeland continued by mentioning that the bank’s own American customers will be watching and how that is a “problem” because of how they’ll perceive the government's overreach.

“But if you have a big U.S. operation, it's a problem because your American customers will be watching. And I do think that was a problem that was legitimate to raise, and I was concerned about it.”

The Emergencies Act Inquiry is an automatic response to Trudeau’s invocation to the Emergencies Act back in February 2022 where he used martial law powers to squash the peaceful protest in Ottawa.

Tens of thousands of Canadians gathered in the country’s capital protesting provincial, and federal vaccine mandates and other COVID restrictions across the nation. It began with the cross-country trucker vaccine mandate early January.

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