Climate Council urges ban on petrol cars in Australia by 2035

Contentious measures to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035 proposed to shift towards electric and 'sustainable' transport options.

Climate Council urges ban on petrol cars in Australia by 2035
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A report by the Climate Council recommends a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035, urging households to switch to electric cars in a bid to achieve zero-emissions by 2050.

Co-founded by environmentalist Tim Flannery, the Council's report advocates for drastic changes in the transport sector, including electrifying taxi, ride-share, and government fleet vehicles, prioritising rail freight over trucks and investing more in public transport infrastructure.

According to the controversial report, the proposed ban aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions by over half and follows similar measures in the European Union, Canada, UK and some US states.

To facilitate the transition, the government is suggested to offer incentives for selling petrol vehicles and to increase the proportion of electric vehicles in government and commercial fleets.

Despite concerns over costs, the Climate Council argues that the long-term benefits, including 'improved public health' from reduced air pollution, outweigh the initial financial burden.

Dr. Kate Charlesworth, a volunteer with the Climate Council, stressed the importance of diversifying transport options to accelerate emission reduction efforts.

The recommendations coincide with the introduction of the federal government's contentious New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, slated to cut emissions from new vehicles by significant margins by 2029.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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