CNN finally admits “protests” are riots — Don Lemon takes the red pill

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As fires rage and riots continue in Wisconsin, it seems to many that any controversial situation, no matter how clear or unclear, is used as an excuse for nightly destruction.

Entire car lots are being set on fire and citizens are having to defend themselves, sometimes with lethal force, as we've seen this week.

But the pendulum is swinging, and sympathy appears to be dying out. Look no further than resident CNN hosts.

Whether it's CNN fearing an election loss or an honest red pilling, Don Lemon had some rather tough pills to swallow this week, as reality seems to have finally reared its head on the network.

The parents of the man who was shot by police in Wisconsin let Don Lemon know this week that they're disgusted at what they're seeing, and they're not mad, at all, at President Trump.

Even going as far as to say they respect the President, and are sorry they missed his call.

After literal months of saying "peaceful protesters" and "it's just property damage," CNN, of all places, is finally admitting that rioting is not a good look for the Democrats:

But what everyone has been waiting for someone on the left to say,  is exactly what Don Lemon says next.

After five months of boasting about wonderful, pure-at-heart protests and people "just expressing themselves", only to turn around and expect audiences to think news anchors are genuine, is a hard sell.

Celebrities and politicians bailed out rioters, don't forget that; now they're criminals?

Lastly and importantly, Lemon's last statements are those that have been said by many other people for months, but were rejected as hateful, racist, fascist...the list goes on.

Here's Don Lemon saying Democrats are pretending this stuff isn't happening, and Joe Biden isn't going to help you at all.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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