Conservative Ontario MPPs call Chinese-Canadian doctor's “Wuhan pneumonia” sign racist

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A doctor's office in the east end of Toronto had a sign posted that referred to COVID-19 by the name “Wuhan pneumonia.” Not in English, mind you, but in Chinese. The doctor, a Chinese-Canadian, had posted the sign in multiple languages, but referred to it in Chinese as the Wuhan pneumonia.

Two Toronto-area MPPs from Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative Party, Vincent Ke and Aris Babikian, decided they would condemn this signage, claiming the message would drum up anti-Asian hatred.

This bizarre choice to condemn the Chinese-Canadian doctor was the topic for Ezra's monologue on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Wondering how such a sign — posted by a Chinese-Canadian doctor, written in Chinese, likely only read by Chinese-Canadians — could possibly cause a spread of anti-Asian hate, Ezra said

If the only people who can read it [the sign] are Chinese speakers, odds are they are ethnically Chinese. I mean, there are some Caucasian or non-Chinese people who can speak Chinese, but if you're in a Chinese neighbourhood, going to a Chinese doctor, whose door has Chinese writing — odds are you're Chinese too.

What's the likelihood that will whip you up anti-Chinese fervour? You're probably Chinese yourself, and you're going to a Chinese doctor by choice.

Does this make any sense? 

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