Convoy lawyer, Keith Wilson reflects on mayor Jim Watson's testimony by saying he 'used every opportunity to say bad things about the protesters'

'He's played politics all his life and he was playing politics in the hearing room again today,' said Keith Wilson as he continued to comment on mayor Watson.

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“Well, it was pretty clear that he was using every opportunity he could to say bad things about the protesters,” said Wilson’s statements during the short interview with Rebel News, referring to the launch of the Public Order Emergency Commission which is investigating the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act.

Keith Wilson, a lawyer for Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich, spoke to Rebel News at the Library & Archive Federal Building in Ottawa, where the Emergencies Act inquiry is taking place.

Jim Watson was testifying in front of the committee, providing a bizarre testimony, lacking evidence to back up the claims. 

Wilson also touched on how the process works considering claims based on hearsay  and whether its to be accepted.

To see Wilson's reaction, watch the report above.

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