UPDATE: Court adjourned until Jan. 2023 for Scottish woman charged after warrantless police search

Citing an alleged breach of COVID restrictions, Scottish police, without a warrant, forced their way into a home in January 2021. Now, the verdict in the case has been delayed until January 2023.

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The case of a mother and daughter being dragged through Scotland's justice system after an overzealous officer responded to an alleged breach of COVID restrictions has been adjourned until January 2023.

During the height of pandemic lockdown craziness in January 2021, police in Aberdeen, Scotland, were tipped off to an apparent illegal house party. Upon the officers arrival at the home of Gabbie Burnett, officers forced their way into Gabbie's home without a search warrant.

Gabbie and her mother, Julie, told the officers to leave. Instead, the officers forced their way into the Burnetts home. In the confusion, Gabbie tripped and ended up suffering a seizure. Remarkably, the officers instructed her mother and younger brother to stay away from her as well.

More stunning, the police even levied charges against Gabbie over the incident. Because of this police overreach and abuse of civil liberties, Rebel News hired one of Scotland's top law firms — Levy McRae, the same lawyers who represented Scotland’s former first minister Alex Salmond in his criminal case against the Scottish government — to defend Gabbie.

To learn more about how we plan to help right this wrong, visit StandWithGabbie.co.uk.

In an update to Gabbie's situation, Rebel News freelance reporter Callum Smiles was outside of the Aberdeen District Court this morning as Gabbie was set for an appearance.

Smiles spoke to Gabbie and her mother Julie ahead of the day's proceedings.

“I feel that it's been put off so long because I think they're trying to make it disappear,” Julie told Smiles. “I think they want it to go away.” But just because she thinks the police would prefer the story went away, Julie was skeptical of the court handling the case fairly.

“I don't think it's going to go in our favour at all,” she continued. “I think they're just trying to paint us as the bad ones because they've messed up so badly that they have to try and make us look like we've actually done something when we haven't.”

Gabbie explained how the incident changed her view of policing and stressed the importance of receiving help through the StandWithGabbie.co.uk crowdfund.

“No, I definitely can't trust anyone in the law enforcement anymore, not that I really could before anyway,” she told Smiles. “If it wasn't for us getting help from people online today then we'd have no idea what would happen if we didn't have this fund page.”

With the case being dragged out for more than a year and a half, Julie told Smiles how stressful this looming court date has been.

“It's really stressful having it hanging over our heads all this time,” Julie said. “If someone wasn't aware of the story, it's hard for me to try and explain my side,” she continued, pointing out that people tend to side with government officials.

Today's appearance in Aberdeen court was very brief, however. After a quick in-and-out, Smiles once again caught up with the Burnetts.

With no decision made, Julie lamented that she was hopeful for a conclusive result today. Instead, a verdict will have to wait until the new year. “It's really quite stressful,” Julie told Smiles.

While the adjournment could be a sign of a positive result, Gabbie told Smiles that she is “less confident” in the justice system.

“I don't feel like anything's on our side right,” a disappointed Julie said. “Especially with the law.”

In wrapping up the day, Smiles shared his thoughts on what had transpired. “This is an example of the Coronavirus Act being abused — and it could be abused again,” Smiles opined.

If you want to help the Burnetts continue to fight this egregious charge, or if you just want to follow along with their story, visit StandWithGabbie.co.uk.

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