WATCH: Covid freedom fighter vows to appeal conviction

Leszek Kunc is fighting back in court after being denied justice.

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One of Australia's most dedicated Covid freedom fighters has been convicted in an unprecedented ruling.

Leszek Kunc, recognised for his vehement protest against Covid-19 restrictions, faced conviction for a Covid-related offence, marking his first ever criminal conviction.

The charges stemmed from an alleged breach of movement restrictions, with Leszec found more than 10km from his Melbourne residence.

Despite efforts to base his defence on constitutional issues, Leszek argues that the magistrate mishandled the case and denied him adequate defence opportunities. 

He claims he was offered the opportunity to have charges withdrawn if he pled guilty, an offer he rejected outright, alleging corruption within the system.

"First, they try to bribe you," he said.

His refusal resulted in a fine of $500 each for him and his wife, making them potentially the first Victorians criminally convicted for Covid-related fines.

Leszek is preparing to appeal against his conviction, casting a shadow on the lower court magistrates who he says are corrupt.

His case highlights the ongoing repercussions of Covid restrictions, with courts seemingly committed to convicting previously law-abiding citizens.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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