Cowards! HDSB trustees run away when asked about Kayla Lemieux at board meeting

Halton District School Board's latest meeting went sour when questions were raised about the viral shop teacher known for wearing giant prosthetic breasts to class.

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On Wednesday evening, the educrats who make up the Halton District School Board had their regular meeting in Burlington, Ontario. Can you possibly guess what item was not on the agenda?

That would be the ongoing situation regarding a vulgar cross-dressing teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School, a story that has generated media attention the world over from the U.K. to India. (Note: barely any mainstream media attention in Canada, mind you. While the domestic taxpayer-funded uber-woke journalists embrace radical transgenderism, they’re not so sure how to handle Mr. Lemieux given his penchant for wearing enormous fake breasts that are barely contained by his see-through blouses; thus, they have mostly ignored the story. Shameful.)

But there is another angle to this saga. The Lemieux story broke last week and was in the news cycle for several days. Unfortunately, there was some misinformation being circulated. Somehow, another teacher at Oakville Trafalgar, Mr. Stephen Hanna, was wrongfully identified as being one and the same as Mr. Lemieux when in fact they are two completely different individuals. Indeed, we’ve been informed that Hanna is a good man and a good teacher — and 100 per cent biological male.

Yet, it was not until late Monday night that the HDSB corrected the record regarding this error.

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But why?

HDSB staff had ample opportunity to correct the misinformation. We spoke to and emailed and left voicemails with numerous HDSB senior staff, ranging from trustee Margo Shuttleworth to the Director of Education, Curtis Ennis He/Him. We referred to the cos-play shop teacher, Lemieux, several times as “Mr. Hanna” — and not once did anyone with the HDSB nor the school itself clarify the mistake.

It was only at 10:18 p.m. last Monday night that Heather Francey, the HDSB’s Manager of Communications (who seems to have enormous trouble communicating) sent us an email informing us that Hanna and Lemieux are indeed two different people.

But again, why did the HDSB not correct the record earlier, especially when repeatedly asked?

Was it laziness? Was it incompetence? Was it maliciousness — i.e., did the HDSB want the misinformation to be reported so as to attack the credibility of media outlets that thought Hanna and Lemieux were one and the same? Quite frankly, when it comes to communications, the HDSB is an absolute disgrace.

So it was that on Wednesday evening we ventured out to the headquarters of the HDSB in Burlington to seek answers at a board meeting. After a mind-numbingly boring presentation, question period followed. But when we asked our query, Dr. Shuttleworth repeatedly banged her gavel and yelled that we were “out of order.”

When we restated the question, the entire membership of the HDSB FLED the room!

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Who do these educrats think they are? There were parents in attendance seeking answers regarding the ongoing circus at Oakville Trafalgar High School. And the people meant to serve these parents refused to be transparent and provide answers to important questions regarding Mr. Lemieux? Even though it is these taxpaying parents who pay the salaries of the HDSB staffers?


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  • By David Menzies

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