Cup of tea on the beach with the wife? That's a COVID violation, here's your ticket

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Today I am bringing you the story of Clive Dale, one of the many people we are helping out through our campaign at Clive was on the receiving end of a £200 fine (about $340 CAD) for simply having a cup of tea in his car with his wife in the town of Scarborough, England.

Clive was not breaking any laws, and didn’t even leave his car when police officers approached him and accused him of breaking the COVID-19 regulations at the time. They accused Clive of being out of the house for non-essential travel, and proceeded to hand him a fine.

We don’t believe that this is fair in any way, and that’s why we are backing Clive with a legal team to help fight back against these unjust measures. If you want to help Clive Dale fight back against this fine, please donate at so we can provide Clive with a top legal team free of charge, and take this matter before a judge.

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  • By Rebel News

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