David Menzies was 'trans-species' before it was popular

Sheila Gunn Reid hosted a live episode of The Gunn Show from Israel, where she interviewed Rebel reporter David Menzies about his recently released 'Trans Cat' video.

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David Menzies joined The Gunn Show in a special episode from Israel to discuss how the Left has gone so far that parody is almost impossible. Sheila also asked David about his recent 'Trans Cat' footage that was finally shown to the public.

"You were sort of an oracle on the trans issue long before we are where we are now," Sheila said to David. "Tell us about the Trans Cat video that didn't see the light of day for a very, very long time."

David responded:

In the early days of Rebel News when we were Rebel Media, we went out to the Canadian Cat Show. So when I say 'we,' that was me and super producer and cameraman Efron.

And the idea was, you know, transgenderism in 2017 is kind of 'been there, done that.' What is next in this crazy world where men are saying they're woman and vice versa? And I thought, you know what? Why don't I enter a cat in the Canadian National Cat Show, which was part of Pet Expo?

But I don't have a cat. No problem. I'll identify as a cat. And sure enough, I went in there, and then all hell broke loose. Quite frankly, I think they thought it was an animal activist as opposed to a trans cat. But it was never explained. I was frog-marched out of there by security.

David also said that, "the world caught up with us." He later explained recent incidents where a man got let into a women's shelter just because he identified as one, and then later sexually assaulted one of the residents. Then he further went into depth about "Busty Lemieux" and Ash Davis, the trans woman on the rugby team.

"Even if you believe transwomen are real woman and I certainly do not. What about a nefarious male who's a misogynist, who's just using that trans excuse to get into intimate spaces of woman? Do these social justice weirdos ever consider that?" David concluded.

This is just an excerpt from last night's episode of The Gunn Show. To watch the whole episode and gain exclusive access to our full-length shows and more, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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