Defiant pastor on the run from police in Manitoba, will only be arrested at church

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For decades now, Canada has been a place of refuge for individuals fleeing government tyranny and religious persecution, a place where people could aspire to a better life. Yet now, in real time, we are watching the unravelling of our fundamental rights and freedoms, the very glue that bonds us together, and this is all being done under the cheap guise of “public health and safety.”

This brings me to Pastor Tobias Tissen, a minister at The Church of God in Steinbach, Manitoba.

The situation he has found himself in is truly incredible. As he alludes to here in our exclusive sitdown interview, he is a man of God, a principled man, and one whose family fled to Canada hoping to avoid the very situation he finds himself in today.

As we spoke, there was a warrant out for Pastor Tobias's arrest, both for hosting church services and other events. 

He is part of an unofficial group of five in Manitoba who were all given warrants on the same day, but unlike the other four, who have signed the conditions of their release, Tobias knows he cannot, because it would mean he would be unable to host church services.

He does not want to silently allow for his arrest — he does not want to be detained while no one is watching, because he knows the Manitoba government is trying to do this under the radar.

That said, Pastor Tobias has been in communication with law enforcement and has told them very clearly when and where he would submit himself to authorities. If they want to arrest this pastor, they will have to do it at the church.


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