(CORRECTION) EXCLUSIVE: Department of National Defence orders 36,000 units of tear gas

(CORRECTION) EXCLUSIVE: Department of National Defence orders 36,000 units of tear gas
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CORRECTION (3:00pm September 21, 2020) — After this story was posted, Rebel News received information indicating that the order placed below was CS capsules, NOT gas grenades. These capsules are regularly used for CBRN training on military courses. Rebel News regrets the error.

A few days ago, we told you how the Liberals government had plans to use the military to monitor tweets that would damage the confidence in the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The whole thing was called Operation LASER, and we received the unclassified access to information documents from the Department of National Defence detailing it all.

Instead of monitoring foreign misinformation meddling in Canadian politics, this was a potential deployment of military intelligence resources to focus on Canadian citizens to police their opinions about the quality of work Justin Trudeau is, or rather, isn’t doing.

The dangerous threat the government wanted the CAF to monitor tweets for was quote “anything that can damage perception, confidence or credibility.”

See the full 15-page report for yourself at PropagandaPlan.com

The operation to spy on the Twitter accounts of Canadians for anti-pandemic lockdown, anti-Trudeau sentiment was stopped

— so we're told — when the upper echelons of the military establishment expressed concerns about, well, just how wrong the whole thing was.

But now, the government contracts website shows the military taking preparedness steps to deal with potential civil unrest.

Look at this tender request that was posted on September 15 on the federal government’s official contracts and tenders website. The DND has an order for what sounds like an awful lot of tear gas.  

Will there be civil unrest if Canada heads into an extended second lockdown? I don’t know, but the DND is going to be ready for it.

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