DEPRESSING: Do Canadians know the significance of September 11, 2001?

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Nineteen years after the horrific Islamist terror attacks on the World Trade Center in downtown New York — along with the Pentagon — the event is still fresh in the minds of many.

Amidst the conspiracies, both believable and unbelievable, lies a different question:

Does everyone still remember what happened that day?

Are today's youth taught about what happened, who the perpetrators were, and perhaps most importantly, the wars that took place soon thereafter?

In a time where 'woke' revisionist history is all the rage, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to consider that this event has been warped through the prism of social justice over time.

At Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto, the majority of respondents were well aware of the significance, but it wasn't as top-of-mind as you may think.

Some needed their memory jogged, while others simply felt no significance for the day at all.

The most blatant constant across all remarks was the "who?" and "why?" Very few were willing to plant a flag and declare who or what they thought was the source of the attack, failing even to state who the good and bad guys were.

Perplexing, that nearly 20 years later the only answers some were willing to give on the subject, were unproven conspiracies.

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