SHOCKING: Did the top BC Cancer doctor viciously attack a peaceful freedom protester in 2021?

Vancouver-based ‘Alex the Comic‘ was attacked by an unhinged man wielding a bicycle as a weapon in 2021. Now, the comedian, real name Alex Lasarev, alleges he's discovered the identity of his attacker: BC Cancer head Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi.

SHOCKING: Did the top BC Cancer doctor viciously attack a peaceful freedom protester in 2021?
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Alex Lasarev, a prominent figure in British Columbia's freedom movement and comedian known as “Alex the Comic was viciously assaulted in Vancouver while “trying to wake people up” with humour.

And you won’t believe who Alex claims to have identified as his attacker! None other than the government-appointed head of B.C. Cancer, Dr. Kim Nguyen Chi.

The shocking incident which made international headlines took place on May 27, 2021. While seated in the passenger seat of a friend's vehicle, Lasarev comedically challenged passersby to think critically about the mainstream COVID-19 narrative while speaking through bullhorn as the driver made his way slowly through rush hour traffic.

“Just 14 more years to flatten the curve everybody then things will all be back to normal. You're all doing a great job. Thank you for your service,” was just one of the sarcastic quips Lasarev made moments before being attacked.

After quickly becoming enraged by Lasarev’s vax-free humour, a man charged at the comedian and repeatedly started bashing his bike against him and the vehicle.

At one point, the man takes a brief break from using his bicycle as a weapon and attempts to viscously grab the bullhorn away from Lasarev. After failing at doing so, he reverts back to bicycle bashing until he smashes right through the vehicles passenger window.

Rebel News has an exclusive interview coming up soon where Lasarev explains why he believes Dr. Chi — who lives a few minutes away from the scene of the crime — is his frenzied attacker.

In our upcoming report, we will also bring you an update on the legal action Lasarev has taken to date.

Thanks to donations made at our special website called, our friends at The Democracy Fund connected Lasarev with Crease Harmon Barristers and Solicitors lawyer Bruce Hallsor. Hallsor wrote a notice of complaint to Dr. Chi’s licensing body, the College of Physicians and Surgeons BC, at no cost to Laserev.

You won’t want to miss the shocking details about this assault, so be sure to give us your email address here so we can inform you when the full report is up.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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