WATCH: Pro-masker attacks peaceful freedom protester with bicycle

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A Vancouver comedian known as Alex the Comic recently learned the hard way that some people just can’t take a joke. Alexander (Sasha) Lasarev is well known in Vancouver’s peaceful freedom for all movement, including being one of two organizers of a recent eye-catching silent march, themed from the 1988 sci-fi thriller They Live.

While that march was a hit, and received no angry outbursts from passersby, the opposite occurred when Lasarev participated in a peaceful convoy where he was speaking comedically sarcastic phrases out the car window through a megaphone.

“Just trust the TV, keep wearing masks for 14 more years, and everything will go back to normal...” Lasarev said, before being viciously attacked for his free speech. A man charged at Lasarev in a fit of rage, using his bicycle as a weapon to attack Lasarev and smash the window of the vehicle he was in.

Watch the video above to see the attack and hear from Lasarev directly about what that day was like.

Although Lasarev was clearly the victim in this circumstance, the mainstream media was quick to protect his attacker by concealing his face, and even turned things around to point the finger at Lasarev, for previously becoming upset when a business refused to serve or accommodate him without a mask on.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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