Dominion Voting Systems has a history of controversy in Canadian elections

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CORRECTION: November 17, 2020 - An earlier version of this story claimed that Dominion Voting Systems' machines were responsible for ballots being torn. That was incorrect. It was a mail opening tool that was responsible for the ballot destruction in the 2020 Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race. Rebel News apologizes for this mistake. 

The United States should have checked with Canada before employing the scandal plagued Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) in the 2020 presidential elections. The more you dive into this company, the more you find how deeply entrenched they are in every part of the “democratic” traditions of North America. 

It seems that every election they are involved in, claims of voter fraud follow. Despite that, election officials in both Canada and the United States continue to trust them — for better or worse. Sure, they might have donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation, but hey  who cares?

Well, you should. DVS is used in every single one of Georgia’s 159 counties, and they are used in many of the swing states that just sent their Electoral votes to Joe Biden. 

Dominion Voting is not just throwing American democracy into disrepute, they have done that with Canadian elections for years and years, but nobody in Canada, much less the US, has bothered to take notes. The Canadian media is entirely complacent in covering this story. 

Consider what happened in New Brunswick, a small Maritime province, during their 2014 general election. The local election authority rented over 700 tabulating machines to count the votes, instead of the traditional by-hand method. The race was neck-and-neck, and many thought the Conservatives would overtake the Liberals  but then, as though out of no where, “the tabulation of ballots was suspended Monday around 10:45 p.m. for almost two hours as concerns arose about technical glitches with memory cards and discrepancies with vote-counting machines.” 

Two hours after that anomaly, the Liberals gained a commanding lead and formed government

That's not to say Conservatives don’t use Dominion Voting System’s hardware and software they do, happily, despite the consistent technical and voter security issues reported so often with Dominion. 

In 2020, the American election wasn’t the only one where these ubiquitous tabulators made millions of people question the results. The Conservative Party elected a new leader this year — sort of like the DNC or RNC primaries. The victor will challenge Justin Trudeau in the next election, and the Conservative Party was worried that people would claim voter fraud, like they did when the 2017 results lead to one candidate coming out of nowhere to beat the preferred candidate by less than one per cent

See, a few years ago, reports questioned how 7,466 votes seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The guy who needed just a few more votes magically got them. According to Michael Harris, “serious questions [were] being raised about whether the vote that put him in [office] was rigged.” 

That was in 2017, and they needed to ensure the same claims of overwhelming voter fraud when using Dominion Voting Systems didn’t come back to haunt them in 2020. Of course, they still did, despite live streaming the ballot counting room on YouTube. That is when things broke down. Dominion voting machines started literally ripping up the ballots. Destroying them and leading to election officials needing to tape them together or recreate the ballots entirely. 

Of course, the mainstream media is not mentioning this at all. I had to confirm with several sources within the party that Dominion Voting Systems was indeed the owner of these ballot ripping machines. See, the mainstream media won’t tell you this because mentioning something as stunning as a vote tabulator literally ripping up ballots and random people needing to tape, fix, or otherwise entirely recreate ballots would cast even more doubt on the security of the systems and thus, the American election. 

Sean Hannity reported that Dominion Voting assured them that “no credible reports or evidence of any software issues exist”  Dominion Voting says it was a human error. It makes any reasonable thinking person have to ask  what about these shady systems leads to so much “human error”? And whether it is the machines or the people using them that causes routine ballot irregularities, who can you really blame but the company running the opaque democracy machines?

All this is to say: America, you should have asked Canada about these machines before you decided to use them in your swing states to determine the course of a superpower nation for the next four years.

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