Droitwich card shop FINED £1,000 while major retailers remain OPEN without issue

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Despite their best attempts to adapt to baffling new lockdown rules, a family business has felt the full force of the law in England for staying open.

When Alasdair and Lydia Walker-Cox tried their best to stay open under new lockdown regulations, they were hit with a crippling £1,000 fine and police harassment.

Even though they began stocking new “essential” items in order to comply with new legal guidelines, the couple were hit with fines because the council deemed them “non-essential.” 

However, a shop around the corner which serves many of the same products has been allowed to continue trading. The two shops are competitors, but one is a small family business and the other is a big chain with in house legal teams, far less easy of a target.

This small family business, which has been trading for 30 years and employs many family members, is far easier to target. 

Without Rebel News and your support they would have little recourse legally or otherwise. Stories such as theirs don't get represented in the mainstream media, and they don't have a legal team on hold to fight these complex and unprecedented cases.

The fines and fixed notices have no appeals process and the only legal recourse is a lengthy, complex and expensive judicial review, which many small businesses cannot countenance.

The family have done everything possible to adapt their business to new regulations so that they can survive the financial drought which comes with lockdown. However, they are still being hit with fines regardless of their best efforts to abide by the law without going bust!

Rebel News is fighting to help people suffering from these injustices, but we need your help.  You can donate and pledge your support at FightTheFines.co.uk, and if you are hit by a fine you can request assistance at the same address.

Together we will beat these injudicious fines which are hounding honest people out of business. You can see the Walker-Cox's story above.

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