Tommy Robinson hopeful ahead of Tuesday court ruling

While Tommy Robinson is hopeful a judge rules in his favour, regardless of the result he says incidents like this are 'awakening the public,' pointing out that more people than ever before are 'awake to their lies.'

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I'm in London, England, covering the trial of citizen journalist and activist Tommy Robinson. He's a prominent and sometimes controversial figure, and he was arrested on November 26, 2023, while working as a journalist covering a protest against antisemitism in London.

You see, his presence there might upset people, so the police acted by issuing Tommy a dispersal order. That resulted in his arrest, him being pepper sprayed and ultimately banned from Greater London as part of conditions placed on him.

It was a crazy day of testimony today inside the courtroom, and one that I thought was a pretty embarrassing day for the Metropolitan Police. I caught up with Tommy as he was leaving court and asked him what he thought about how the first day unfolded.

The first thing I asked Tommy about was an officer using dyslexia as a reason for editing a document following his arrest. 

“They admitted it, he [a Met Police officer] actually stood in court and admitted [it],” he said.

Expanding on the dispersal order, which came into effect at 2 p.m. on Nov. 26, 2023, Tommy explained:

When they arrested me, they obviously realized we've arrested him at 1 p.m. and the order doesn't come in until 2 p.m., so he says he then went in later and edited and changed it to 10 in the morning. It's like, no mate, you didn't have a lawful order. You decided to edit and falsify evidence, which you've admitted. He admitted he hadn't read the Home Office guidance in his statement.

During the hearing, the officer said he wasn't even sure if the order he drafted was valid.

“Then they asked him if we could be confident it was a lawful order and he said 'no',” Tommy told me, noting how the police described their mistakes as “operational learning.”

Frustrated with the arrest and subsequent ordeal, Tommy tore into the United Kingdom's government.

They moan about China, and they moan about Russia then pretend we have all this freedom — which we don't have anyway. We are a totalitarian state, they have us under total lockdown and control. Just people believe this bullsh*t that we have got it.

You try exercising it [your freedoms] in any way and challenge any government narrative, any one of them, they come down on you like a ton of bricks from every angle.

Regardless of whether he gets a legal victory or not, Tommy still found positives in the situation.

“We're awakening the public; more people are awake to their lies than ever. No one trusts the media, these stupid journalists,” he said, referring to an exchange with a Sky News reporter covering the case but who was uninformed about the charges against him.

In video of Tommy's arrest, you can repeatedly see him tell the officers he's doing work as a journalist for his outlet, Urban Scoop, which should have granted him the right to be at the protest.

“They think that in today's digital world, that they still have control because the media had total control for decades,” Tommy said, stressing how X, formerly Twitter, gives him the ability to show the full story of his interactions to the public.

Tommy will be back in court on Tuesday, and I think things are going to go his way. However, this is the legal system here in the United Kingdom; it hasn't been kind to Tommy Robinson.

Whatever that decision may be, Rebel News will have an update once it's official at

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