BREAKING: Charges dismissed against Tommy Robinson!

Sheila Gunn Reid is reporting live from London, England, where a judge has just dismissed all charges against Tommy Robinson.

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A London, UK judge dismissed charges against Tommy Robinson, citing dissatisfaction with an unlawful dispersal order issued against Robinson during a protest he attended last November.

Ahead of the second day of proceedings, Robinson joined Rebel News’ editor-in-chief Sheila Gunna Reid to thank her for her coverage.

“Thank you for the fact that we have citizen journalists that are here. If none of you were here, the fact that the copper lied, the fact that they falsified stuff, probably wouldn’t have reached the public,” said Robinson. “I believe [because of that] the [mainstream media] have had to report on it. We can’t rely on British journalists, we haven’t been able to, it’s now citizen journalists that are rising up.”

After a two-hour delay, the judge condemned the harassment and intimidation of a journalist outside of the courthouse the day prior, wherein a Sky News journalist was exposed for being ignorant to the charges wagered against Robinson.

Robinson was attending the big London march against antisemitism on November 26, 2023, as an independent journalist when a left-wing organizer of the event requested police remove him.

And the police obliged! They grabbed Robinson, handcuffed him and pepper-sprayed him in the face.

Then they banned him from London.

Today’s judgement that the aforementioned actions were unlawful marks a significant victory for Robinson’s legal challenge and freedom of the press.

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