Elite club membership for Aussie PM's son raises eyebrows

Questions arise as the PM's son gains access to the exclusive Qantas Chairman's Lounge, bypassing the usual high-profile selection process.

Elite club membership for Aussie PM's son raises eyebrows
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The Qantas CEO personally oversees the lounge’s membership list, which is a who’s who of Australia’s top CEOs, celebrities, and politicians – and, now, the Prime Minister’s son.

“But did any of them really think a university student sweeping into the Chairman’s Lounge like a lord wouldn’t stand out like dog’s balls?” Aston asked.

The Prime Minister did not declare his son’s membership of Qantas Lounge in his most recent statement of registrable interests, though it could be argued that because Nathan is not listed as a “dependent” the disclosure was unnecessary.

“Irrespective of the sophistry relied upon, his son has received this benefit only because of his father’s position. It should be declared, especially by the guy who was elected on an integrity platform,” Aston wrote.

Joyce once described the Chairman’s Lounge as the most “exclusive club in the country”.

It is not possible to buy a Chairman’s Lounge membership.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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