Elon Musk offers livestreamed tour of Texas border amid migrant crisis

Elon Musk speaks with local officials, calls for structured immigration.

Elon Musk offers livestreamed tour of Texas border amid migrant crisis
Elon Musk/X
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Elon Musk, the influential tech billionaire behind Tesla, SpaceX, and X — the social media platform previously known as Twitter — ventured to the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas, offering a livestreamed exploration of the scene in response to the unfolding migrant crisis.

Musk, in recent times, has taken to his platform, X, to express his concerns and insights about the border situation, revealing a candid dialogue with U.S. Representative Tony Gonzales, a Republican from Texas. Gonzales corroborated that the crisis at the border is indeed a "serious issue."

Sporting a black cowboy hat, Musk initiated his livestream with the commitment of delivering an unfiltered view of the border's state of affairs. "This is real-time, unfiltered," he articulated. "What you see is what I see."

As an immigrant, Musk underscored his supportive stance towards legal immigration. However, he accentuated the need for a structured process that welcomes diligent and upright individuals into the U.S. legally, while filtering out those with intentions that violate the law.

Musk expressed concern that unchecked illegal immigration could strain and potentially compromise social services — drawing parallels with the strain New York City is experiencing due to migrants transported there from Texas.

Musk's tour was accompanied by Rep. Gonzales, who commended Musk for his on-site investigation along the border. The live feed experienced a brief interruption, resuming later with Gonzales delving deeper into the border situation.

Feedback on Musk’s livestream was fervent. One user commented on the importance of such direct initiatives, noting, "Good to see Elon having to do the job of the MSM and of the politicians who are literally paid to do this but refuse."


The Eagle Pass border has seen an influx of crossings, extending into September. Meanwhile, the Biden administration faces criticism for its strategies at the border.

The administration's efforts to counteract Texas' water barrier construction in the Rio Grande, and its alleged removal of razor wire in Eagle Pass, have been points of contention. Concurrently, reports suggest that the Biden administration has transported over 200,000 illegal immigrants to various U.S. airports, even as the push for augmented legal immigration from specific countries persists.

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