“No records”! Limousine mileage at Trudeau's Environment Ministry just doesn't exist

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A second Liberal cabinet minister in a week is claiming they have no mileage logs for their official limo.

The new Environment minister Jonathan Wilkinson wants us to drive our cars less often. I wanted to know if he is leading by example. Rebel News asked Environment and Climate Change Canada to “provide copies of the logs for the official vehicle used to transport the minister since November 20th 2019.”

Every cabinet minister has an “official vehicle”. It's usually a limo, but sometimes it is a town car or SUV. Every one of these government vehicles has a detailed mileage and maintenance log and I normally have very little difficulty getting access to these records.

That's how we found out that Minister Chrystia Freeland was sending her limo to Montreal completely empty to arrive ahead of her plane, using the limo on the ground in Montreal before sending the limo back to Ottawa empty while she hopped a plane back to Ottawa. I used her limo records and matched them up to her flight records.

It’s also how I found out the previous Environment Minister Catherine McKenna cruised her way to 24,000 kms in her first nine months on the job.

But now, the Liberals are telling us the records don’t exist:

“After a thorough search no records were found concerning this request.”

This is absolutely unbelievable. The mileage logs exist and the maintenance records exist as they do with nearly all government owned vehicles.

Last week, we tried to get access to McKenna's limo records now that she's the Infrastructure Minister and I got the same response, that no such records exist.

I think my investigation into Freeland's limo use has scared the Liberals into hiding mileage records altogether or completely ignoring federal record-keeping laws.

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