“UNBELIEVABLE”: Catherine McKenna's ministry claims they have “no record” of her mileage

Wouldn’t you love to know how many kilometers climate warrior Liberal MP Catherine McKenna racked up in her ministerial limo after becoming Infrastructure Minister?

Me too, but the government won’t tell us.

An earlier exclusive Rebel News investigation into McKenna’s vehicle use found that she was using a Subaru Crosstrek for the first two years she was Environment and Climate Change minister before switching out the SUV for a taxpayer funded Prius. During this time, she was crafting a carbon tax on the SUVs of Canadians. It was an hypocrisy that my colleague Keean Bexte confronted her on.

We know McKenna doesn’t practice what she preaches but neither do many of her Liberal cabinet cohorts. By examining Chrystia Freeland's taxpayer-funded limo kilometer logs and her official flight schedules, I found that the Deputy PM has been sending her empty limousine ahead to cities she's flying to, to meet her plane and drive her around like she’s some kind of rock star, before flying home and sending the limo back empty, all while touting a low carbon lifestyle of bike riding to work.

It was all so brazen, so I wanted to check out McKenna. She makes many of the same claims about bike commuting and we already know she wasn’t living her best low carbon life with that Subaru. I wanted to know if the way Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland uses her limo is a practice infesting the whole of government.

We asked the Infrastructure Ministry to ”provide copies of the logs of the official vehicle used to transport the minister since November 20th 2019.”

The response back from the ministry is unbelievable.

“After a thorough search no records were found concerning this request as The Minister's driver has not maintained a log for the usage of the executive vehicle.”

I am very skeptical of this excuse because it is the normal practice of the government to keep these mileage logs for the purposes of vehicle maintenance.

I’ll keep digging, but it’s pretty convenient that after one bombshell exclusive investigation into the vehicle habits of another minister, suddenly the government doesn't keep mileage records anymore.

  • By Ezra Levant

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