INTERVIEW: Ethics professor facing termination for refusing to reveal COVID vaccine status

Drea Humphrey is joined by Julie Ponesse, a professor of ethics at Western University's Huron College who is facing termination after she refused requests to reveal her COVID vaccination status to her bosses.

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How did being vaccinated for a highly survivable coronavirus become the gold standard requirement for teaching? And what happened to ethics in all things medical?

Julie Ponesse is a professor qualified to share some insight on both mind-boggling questions.

Ponesse was working as an ethics professor at Western University's Huron University College, until she was told she must disclose proof of vaccination before helping shape the minds of the future again. Ponesse wasn’t comfortable disclosing such information, and believes it’s unethical to be asked to do so. Nevertheless, she reports that while on leave with pay due to her stance, she was warned by the dean that she will be terminated if she does not comply.

How did we lose sight of human dignity and respect for others so fast? What happened to a woman’s body being their choice? How many good teachers, nurses, federal workers and doctors will be terminated if we don’t stop these vaccine mandates from becoming our twisted new normal?

If you hope to stop these mandates sooner rather than later, help us fight vaccine passports in Canada. You can find out about our legal challenges against vaccine passports and donate to all of the legal costs to pursue them at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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