Every question we asked Bill Gates Foundation President Christopher Elias at the World Economic Forum

Although Ezra Levant posed nearly 50 important questions, Bill Gates' right-hand man refused to provide any answers.

Every question we asked Bill Gates Foundation President Christopher Elias at the World Economic Forum
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As the world confronts numerous global challenges, the World Economic Forum has declared 'Rebuilding Trust' as the theme for this year's annual summit. 

Our Rebel News team is on the ground in Davos, Switzerland, covering the event. Earlier today, Rebel Commander Ezra Levant had the opportunity to pose a variety of questions to Christopher J. Elias, President of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates, in particular, should be concerned about rebuilding trust with the public, given his connections to the disgraced billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein and involvement in controversial international health policies.

Here is a list of every question Ezra Levant asked, to which Christopher Elias refused to provide an answer:

  • One of the criticisms is that Bill Gates is sort of a master of the universe, but he's not elected at all. But he exerts a lot of power. How do you feel about that? Isn't it a little undemocratic?
  • Is Melinda still involved with the foundation even after the divorce?
  • How many times did Bill Gates actually visit Epstein? I've seen estimates that it was in the dozens. Is that true?
  • Why is it that Bill Gates is out free when others who were involved with Epstein are being prosecuted?
  • Even Prince Andrew is in trouble. How did Bill Gates manage to escape?
  • What was Bill Gates' involvement in the simulation for a worldwide pandemic just months before COVID-19? Has he ever explained that?
  • What are you doing poking around India like that? What's Bill Gate ambition in India?
  • Bill Gates says he thinks there's too many people in the world. He'd like to see 15 or 20% fewer people at least, and yet he's behind a lot of vaccine developments. Isn't that sort of a conflict of interest?
  • How can you trust a guy to make medicine if he says there's too many people in the world?
  • Don't you think you have an obligation to be transparent? I don't think I'm asking any questions that you haven't heard before. I bet you have answers to all my questions. Why don't you just clear the air on some of these things? Why do you think you're above scrutiny?
  • Bill Gates has given more than $300 million to media organizations. I think that's one reason she's been able to escape on the whole Epstein thing. But don't you think just for the public interest, you should have to answer some questions about the billions of dollars you spend distorting public policy?
  • Who have you met with here? And will you ever disclose that or do you precisely come to Davos so your meetings are kept secret and no one knows about them?
  • Do you ever talk to the media or only media that Bill Gates buys?
  • Are you worried that if all the details come out about the Epstein trial that your boss might get into legal trouble like Prince Andrew did or some of the others on the list?
  • It must have been bad for Melinda to divorce him over Epstein. I mean, that's what Melinda Gates said. She said she literally divorced him because of what she learned because he wouldn't stop visiting Epstein. How can you work for a guy like that?
  • How much money has the foundation contributed to Davos?
  • How much money has the foundation put into the get together this year?
  • Bill Gates wants the rest of us to eat bugs and even drink something. He calls ‘poop water,’ but he's one of the biggest agricultural landowners in America. What's going on there? Why is he buying up farmland while telling the rest of us to eat the bugs?
  • Does Bill Gates ever do an interview that's not scripted?
  • Does he ever allow himself to answer real questions or is he like you, he just sort of has contempt for everyone who he can't buy seriously?
  • Have you ever done an interview with someone you haven't paid?
  • Isn't it a sign that you're not confident in your identity and what you do if you won't even answer questions? I'm sure you've heard all these questions before, but why don't you answer them?
  • Is it just contempt for the fact that I'm not on your payroll?
  • Did you ever go to Epstein Island with Bill Gates?
  • Did you ever fly on Jeffrey Epstein's Jet with Bill Gates?
  • Have you ever met Jeffrey Epstein?
  • Have you ever met Ghislaine Maxwell?
  • Will Bill Gates ever be jailed?
  • This is your town, isn't it? You bought half these pavilions, you bought half these people.
  • Has Bill Gates ever made you try his poop water? You know when he recycles toilet water? Do you ever make the staff try it?
  • Why has Melinda Gates left Bill? But you haven't? Is it because she got more money than you?
  • Do you know Bill Gates better than Melinda does? She literally divorced him because he wouldn't stop hanging out with that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, yet you have been loyal to him throughout. Isn't that weird? 
  • What did Bill Gates mean when he wrote that email about meeting a Swedish mother and her daughter at Epstein's? That's a pretty incriminating thing to say, has he ever explained that to the staff at the foundation?

Rebel News will have much more to report over the next week, where we'll be putting tough questions to the powerful people we can find. You can follow all of our coverage and support our independent journalism at WEFreports.com. Bookmark that page and check back often!

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