'Everything that they do is justified': Hamas terror sympathizer in Mississauga at pro-Palestine rally

A woman with assault rifle earrings poking outside of her hijab interrupted Rebel reporter David Menzies' interview, proudly declaring her support for the terror organization and claiming it would never commit heinous acts 'because it is against Islam."

'Everything that they do is justified': Hamas terror sympathizer in Mississauga at pro-Palestine rally
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At Celebration Square in front of Mississauga city hall, over 1,000 pro-Palestine supporters demonstrated chanting messages in favour of Hamas on October 14.

Rebel News Mission Specialist David Menzies and videographer Efrain Flores Monsanto were on the scene gathering interviews before coming across a vocal terrorist advocate and supporter.

While Menzies was wrapping up an interview from an attendee on the corner of the sidewalk across the street from Square One, the city's largest shopping centre, a woman — reportedly identified as Essra Karam — came up Menzies to chime in and declare she supported Hamas' horrific actions on Oct. 7, which included the rape, murder and hostage taking of innocent civilians.

She began by grabbing the Rebel microphone, declaring "First of all, Hamas is not a terrorist group."

Canada, along with several other countries across the Western world, have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. The group was added to the terror list in 2002 under the Liberal government of former prime minister Jean Chrétien.

Karam continued, saying "everything" Hamas does "is justified."

Menzies asked to clarify if she also meant if that included the massacre which took place on Oct. 7, where over 1,300 Israelis died. Some are still held as hostages in Gaza. She repeated her answer.

When pressed by on the claim that Hamas allegedly beheaded 40 babies, she pushed back, saying "They said that sh*t is fake."

The claim was originally made by a journalist while on-air recanting what an Israeli soldier told her. That claim has since been walked. The Israeli government posted on X (formerly Twitter) a video of a house near Gaza where a family was slaughtered. Blood can be seen splattered across the beds, including a child's crib.

Karam further denied atrocities carried out by Hamas against Israelis. "There's no evidence, there's no photos whatsoever," she said.

Because Hamas is a Muslim organization, she says they would never commit such crimes. "They would never do that because it is against Islam, that's number one."

She then recanted a story of Israeli women who were taken hostage by the terror group, commenting that the captives were being treated well:

There is evidence of Israeli women saying that [Hamas] gave us water, food, a place to sleep comfortably, they gave us clothes, [Hamas] got them to cover up out of respect. This is actual women having interviews talking about when they were hostages.

Rebel News' full report from the protest, including this interview and other supporters that day, will come soon at CanadaStandsWithIsrael.com.

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