Exotic Dancers Star in New Campaign Encouraging Black Men to Vote

Exotic Dancers Star in New Campaign Encouraging Black Men to Vote
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Social media is buzzing after the release of a new “get out the vote” advertisement using scantily clad strippers imploring men to “get your booties to the polls.”

Promoted by liberal celebrities the world over, the advertisement was directed by Atlanta-based filmmakers Angela Gomes and Paul Fox.

The one-minute video begins with a montage of strippers dancing and twerking on a pole, before cutting to scenes of the women appealing to male voters.

In one scene, a woman has “VOTE” written across her exposed backside.

Gomes and Fox created a GoFundMe page in July appealing for donations to make the advertisement. In its description, they write:

“It features several Atlanta-based exotic dancers doing their most impressive pole work, and instead of it raining cash, it will be raining ballots!”

While the campaign is titled “Angela and Paul want Black people to vote,” the description explicitly states they are targeting black males. The fundraiser surpassed its expected goal of $10,000 and went on to earn over $11,600 as of September 23.

While Gomes is black, many black activists on social media didn’t take kindly to the hypersexual, condescending message. Even noted black supremacist Tariq Nasheed took to twitter to condemn the ad, saying, “This is what white democrats think will appeal to us.”

Others said the ploy was exploitative towards the women, and suggested the advertisement was a gimmick to get more Democrat votes.

Despite the backlash, the ad has earned praise from elites. CNN senior entertainment editor Lisa France called it, “the best voting ad campaign I’ve seen yet.”

Woke celebrities like Jameela Jamil were also promoting the ad. Jamil, an actress from the United Kingdom, is most controversially known for announcing she was “queer” (despite being in a heterosexual relationship) after receiving a slot on an LGBT television program.

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