Ezra Levant: Danielle Smith’s true election opponent was the CBC

Danielle Smith explained that in the future, although she wants to answer questions from everyone, she will have to question whether or not the CBC is prepared to be fair, accurate and balanced.

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On Thursday’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra sat down with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for a special long-form interview in which they discussed the media smear on Smith during the Alberta election.

Ezra recapped the completely fabricated smear campaign by the CBC on the premier:

I put it to you that your real opponent was not the NDP party, but the Media Party, the CBC in particular. And this is not because of my own grudge with the CBC. I have never, maybe since the time of Stockwell Day seen an assassination attempt through media like I have. The CBC in January said that you or your office had sent emails threatening and pressuring prosecutors to drop certain prosecutions. They swore on a stack of Bibles it was real. The government, the civil service, the neutral civil service examined more than a million emails. None were found. Every prosecutor, every single one testified. They had not received such an email. Everyone in your office testified. And a former judge Margaret Trusler said there was no evidence at all. This was all before the election, for six months the CBC held on. Why, only yesterday, July 5, did the CBC write a grudging correction that those emails never existed?

Smith pointed out the massive amount of funding the CBC receives from the government:

Well, and it's frustrating too, because what do they get, a billion and a half dollars from the federal government? And so they have the ability to do those kinds of stories, stick with them as long as they did lie. And then as you point out grudgingly acknowledge they lied and retract the story, I feel vindicated because, at least we managed to get them to acknowledge that the story was just frankly untrue.

“Do you think you should still deal with the CBC as a news agency or do you think you should deal with them as a kind of Trudeau Super PAC?” asked Ezra.

Smith answered:

I mean, you know what I've done. I will take their questions in a mediated forum because I do a lot of press conferences, and I think that's fair because I want to be the type of person who will take questions from everyone. But I mean, I do have to consider if they aren't prepared to be fair, accurate and balanced. If they're really only interviewing me in order to get ammunition to be the official opposition, I'm going to have to keep that in mind every time I answer a question from the CBC.

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