Overcoming media bias: A longform interview with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

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In a special longform interview with Danielle Smith, the Alberta Premier told Ezra on tonight's special episode of The Ezra Levant Show that she believes that her victory in the recent election signifies a triumph for conservative principles.

Although 44% of Albertans voted for the socialist NDP party, Smith emphasizes that her party secured almost 53% of the vote, providing her with a clear mandate to govern.

She acknowledges that she still needs to prove herself and increase her margins of support, particularly in Calgary.

One of the key factors that influenced the voters' decision was the NDP's flawed promises and fearmongering tactics.

Smith points out that the NDP spread lies about her party, falsely claiming that they would impose charges for family doctors and steal pensions.

By contrast, Smith's party focused on protecting jobs and the economy, offering a more favorable alternative for the voters.

The NDP's pledge to increase corporate income taxes further contributed to their downfall, as it reminded Albertans of the negative consequences that such policies had brought in the past.

Smith also addresses the influx of people from other provinces, particularly Ontario, who are relocating to Alberta.

While she admits that it's a mix of individuals, she believes that the appeal of Alberta lies in its freedom-oriented and entrepreneurial culture.

The province provides an environment where people can start businesses, keep more of what they earn, and enjoy a lower cost of housing compared to cities like Vancouver and Toronto.

The media's portrayal of Smith throughout the election campaign becomes a significant topic of discussion.

Ezra suggests that the media, particularly the CBC, acted as her true opponent, engaging in an assassination attempt through biased reporting.

He references a false story propagated by the CBC, accusing Smith's office of pressuring prosecutors.

Despite the lack of evidence and numerous testimonies proving the story to be untrue, the CBC only issued a correction after six months. Smith expresses frustration at the media's lack of accountability and questions their journalistic principles.

Smith's victory in the Alberta election defied the odds stacked against her. Despite biased media coverage and the opposition from the NDP, Smith secured a strong mandate from the people.

Her focus on job protection, economic stability, and conservative values resonated with Albertans.

This triumph serves as a reminder that principled leadership can overcome media bias and resonate with voters who value freedom, entrepreneurship, and prosperity.

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