Canadians rally coast-to-coast against Trudeau's punitive carbon tax

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Tonight, Canadians from coast-to-coast are rallying against the carbon tax, echoing the essence of the Freedom Convoy.

On February 14, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act to grant cabinet extra-judicial powers to deter the 2022 Freedom Convoy. It permitted the freezing of bank accounts, detaining protesters, and mobilizing troops on Canadian soil to disrupt the three-week gridlock of the nation’s capital.

Justice Paul Rouleau, who oversaw the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) to review the use of emergency powers, noted the convoy was rooted in a "loss of faith in government" and "economic hardship" caused by the government's pandemic response.

He wrote that the "peaceful demonstrations," to oppose the draconian pandemic mandates, surprised him.

Front and centre of those continued economic woes is the federal carbon tax.

On April 1, the federal carbon tax increased to $80 per ton and will continue to rise by $15 annually until 2030. Thousands of Canadians are protesting the tax hike at more than a dozen interprovincial border crossings across Canada.

“We are reaching out to truckers, farmers, business owners, and individuals who feel the weight of these changes. Your participation is crucial in making our collective voices heard. Stand with us, as we strive for a change that benefits all Canadians,” reads a statement posted by the organizer.

Conservative MP Philip Lawrence earlier asked the Bank of Canada governor for how long a period ending the carbon tax would reduce inflation. Tiff Macklem said one year.

On October 30, he told the Commons finance committee it "would create a one-time drop in inflation of 0.6 percentage points" from the current rate of 3.8%.

The group, Nationwide Protest Against the Carbon Tax, clarified that at least one centre lane must remain open for traffic at each location where a strike will occur.

“We will be assembling at our respective provincial borders to peacefully protest the carbon tax,” the group said. “Continue the peaceful event until goals are achieved, regardless of duration. Demand action from government leaders to permanently end the Carbon Tax.”

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