The head of YouTube brags about how brutal they’ve made their censorship

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You know the World Economic Forum, right?

They’re the creepy creepy people who believe in the Great Reset, who tell us we should own nothing, have no privacy, and eat bugs.

Well, they had an online conference yesterday, and by random chance I stumbled upon it. And I recognized the president of YouTube.

Susan Wójcicki — the YouTube CEO, even explains how they’re doing it — they’re making many more censorship rules; and they’re enforcing those rules harder than ever.

Well look who’s ready to give that censorship a real boost. Here’s a story in Blacklock's Reporter today:

Kill Websites, Says McLachlin

Federal regulators should take down websites with hurtful words, says a former Supreme Court chief justice. Beverley McLachlin yesterday said enforcement measures must be taken against internet publishers “hurting our democracy.”

“We need to have, in some circumstances, a takedown mechanism when it’s going to be a threat to life,” said McLachlin.

And what did she just say about the ultimate outcome? Just taking things down?

“There is just so much information that people are ready to believe all sorts of things,” said McLachlin. “So we now find disinformation can be harnessed to be a very powerful force that can threaten democratic functioning.”

Wow. So in order to protect democracy we have to destroy democracy. In order to protect the Internet we must censor the Internet. Especially against :”disinformation”. That’s a word China uses a lot. I might use that too — I think it's disinformation to say Canada is a genocidal regime. I think it “hurts” democracy to say that, to say we’re all racist. That’s “harmful”.

I’m embarrassed that she’s our former chief judge. Instead of spreading liberal democracy to China, she’s trying to spread Chinese-style censorship here. And it’s working.

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