Toronto police target David Menzies for second time in brutal arrest

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Tonight, Toronto police go full authoritarian in their war against David Menzies and Rebel News.

On Sunday, pro-Israel advocates held a vigil outside Toronto City Hall to commemorate the sixth month anniversary of the massacre in southern Israel that left over 1,200 Jews dead. Hamas terrorists continue to evade calls for justice amid the dozens of hostages who remain in their custody in the Gaza Strip.

Menzies attempted to interview some of the Hamas activists present, only to be handcuffed and arrested by local law enforcement. They detained him for three hours at the 52 Division, where he was later released.

But not before he suffered a deep cut on his head during his arrest by the Toronto Police Service (TPS). They also tightly forced his shoulders back, aggravating a previous injury, before placing him in the back of a police van.

TPS demonstrates complete cowardice towards criminal gangs but have the manpower to abuse a peaceful journalist doing his job. 

Meanwhile, a counter-protestor wore a mock suicide vest to intimidate supporters of Israel, and the police did nothing. 

This is Canada, not Gaza. Here, they can't just beat up Canadian journalists. The police roughed Menzies up, and I'm sick of it!

Suffice to say, we’re going to defend against the bogus charges and will sue Toronto Police in short order. 

On Monday, a spokesperson for TPS confirmed their officers would continue to "maintain public order, facilitate crowd control and above all, ensure the safety of everyone present, be they demonstrators, officers or the general public."

"Policing such events in a free and democratic society presents unique challenges," she said, noting the freedom to assembly and expression "are not limitless."

The spokesperson did not mention the violent arrest of Menzies on Sunday during her remarks.

"These are laws and regulations that must be adhered to, and it's the responsibility of Toronto police to enforce them," she continued. "Our officers are well versed in their authorities during demonstrations, and when they take action, it is unacceptable to obstruct them or become aggressive towards them."

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