Thousands of hate speech complaints filed in Scotland after passing of draconian censorship bill

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Scottish member of Parliament Neale Hanvey is among the first elected officials to be reported for a hate crime under his country's new censorship bill. 

Similar to Canada's proposed Bill C-63, Scotland's enacted Hate Crime Act serves to silence dissenting thought. It reflects a rise in global support for censorship.

Local law enforcement assessed the undisclosed tweet and took no further action against lawfully expressed opinions.

"This is utterly ridiculous, illiberal, wasteful and unacceptable in a supposedly liberal democracy where political discourse should be free and open," Hanvey posted to X, formerly Twitter.

He joined Ezra Levant for a longform interview on the ordeal, and his support for all to discuss lawfully held views freely and openly without interference from the state.

In under a week, thousands of complaints have been filed against fellow Scots for alleged "white speech." It's architect and First Minister of Scotland, Hamza Yousaf, was among the first to be targeted.

"I wrote about the potential impact of this legislation back in October," said Hanvey: "Setting out my concerns about how it would be used for vexatious purposes to attack political opponents or indeed anyone with whom you disagreed with."

"Non crime hate incidents ... go on your record," he noted. "Not your criminal record, but a record."

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