Environmentalists have declared war against fossil fuels, but what if they mean it literally?

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The rise of eco-terrorism and political violence is alarming and it's happening right now. In recent years, we've seen an increase in violent attacks against people who stand up for their beliefs. And it's not just happening in one country, but all over the world.

On tonight's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra points out that the use of military metaphors in political campaigns is not new. Words like "battleground," "fight," and "target" have been used for years. Politics is often referred to as "war by peaceful means." But what happens when one side takes the "culture war" literally and starts killing people? The answer is eco-terrorism and political violence.

One example of this is the rise of trans activists who use violent imagery on their shirts. They threaten violence if they don't get their way. In Canada, environmental activists are resorting to violent tactics to stop the construction of natural gas pipelines. These violent activists are called "anarchists," but they are clearly eco-terrorists who want to stop the use of fossil fuels.

Eco-terrorism is not just about attacking pipelines or oil rigs. It's about attacking people who stand up for their beliefs. "Billboard Chris" is routinely assaulted simply for standing quietly and talking about trans issues.

Female swimmers giving talks about women's rights are attacked by trans extremists.

Even feminists like Posey Parker are being assaulted.

The violence is not limited to physical attacks. When the left loses an election, they claim it was stolen. When they win, they call anyone who challenges the election results "election deniers." They use principles as a rhetorical argument against those who still have principles.

The rise of eco-terrorism and political violence is a dangerous trend. When a dominant export business goes away, it should be replaced with something else.

But Samir Kayande, the star candidate for the NDP in the Calgary Elbow riding, believes hydrocarbon must go away. This is an insane idea. Natural gas is a clean-burning, cheap, and plentiful source of energy. Why would we want to get rid of it?

The left no longer feels bound by the moral code of society or the social contract. They resort to violence when they can't win the political game. Mao said, "power comes from the barrel of a gun." Stalin asked, "how many divisions does the Pope have?"

The rise of eco-terrorism and political violence is a global problem. We must stand up against it and say enough is enough. The left must be held accountable for their violent actions. We cannot allow them to resort to violence to get their way. We must protect people who stand up for their beliefs and fight against eco-terrorism and political violence.

GUEST: Quebec reporter, Alexa Lavoie, speaks about her trip and upcoming reports from Roxham Road after PM Trudeau and Biden closed the illegal crossing.

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