The entire board of the Trudeau Foundation resigns in disgrace. What’s the truth about their Chinese money-laundering?

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The entire board of the Trudeau Foundation has resigned in disgrace, citing political pressure over a donation the foundation received in 2016. However, this is a lie, as the foundation has been involved in money-laundering and corruption since its inception in 2002.

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra details how the foundation was set up as a slush fund for the Trudeau family, with $125 million of taxpayers' money given to them in a lump sum, which could not be taken away by future governments.

The foundation has been a cash cow for Trudeau family members who couldn't make it on their own. For example, Sarah Coyne, the illegitimate daughter of Pierre Trudeau, is a relative of columnist Andrew Coyne. Alexandre Trudeau, Justin's brother, has made propaganda for the dictatorship of Iran and wrote a pro-China book, both of which were funded and published by the Chinese dictatorship. Justin Trudeau himself was also on the foundation's board.

The foundation is not privately funded, unlike US presidential libraries. Instead, it is a Liberal slush fund that has been corrupted by foreign donations, with one in six donors having affiliations with organizations currently lobbying the government. The Chinese Communist Party also targeted the foundation, which was essentially the Trudeau piggy bank.

The foundation's press release claiming that the board of directors and the president and CEO resigned due to political pressure over a donation in 2016 is a lie. The foundation was always political, and it's a liberal slush fund. The board was happy to make it a slush fund for the CCP, and they just don't like being accountable or responsible.

Want to know why one in five people are forced to skip meals? Why nine in 10 youth believe they’ll never afford a home or why our debt has doubled? Just listen to the guy running our economy talk for a minute about credit cards.

The circumstances created by the politicization of the foundation must be scrutinized, and forensic auditors should be called in to review everything. This is the money-laundering arm of the Liberal party and a lot of that money is taxpayers' dollars foolishly given to the biggest wastrels in the country.

The Trudeau Foundation's bizarre corporate structure is also worth noting. It is governed by two bodies: the foundation's members and its board of directors. Justin Trudeau appoints six foundation members as PM, and Pierre Trudeau's children and grandchildren in perpetuity are members of this slush fund. It's literally designed as a way for no Trudeau to ever have to work again.

The foundation's CEO for the past five years, Pascale Fournier, must be held accountable for everything she did. The money-laundering scheme must be stopped, and the Trudeau Foundation must be dissolved.

In conclusion, the Trudeau Foundation's Chinese money-laundering scheme is a disgrace, and the entire board of directors and the president and CEO have resigned in shame. It's time for forensic auditors to review everything and for the money-laundering arm of the Liberal party to be stopped. The foundation was never independent, and it's time for it to be dissolved.

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