Pierre Poilievre gives a speech and a global warming kook heckles him

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses how the presence of a heckler during Pierre Poilievre's speech at the Canada Strong and Free conference highlighting the clash between entrenched environmental activism and emerging conservative voices.

The heckler's interruption, though predictable in its rhetoric, paled in comparison to the significance of the audience — a youthful cohort energized by conservative ideals.

This demographic shift reflects a broader trend within the Conservative Party of Canada, which is increasingly attracting young supporters disillusioned with the status quo.

Notably absent from the event was the typical reticence of conservative leadership to engage with alternative media outlets. Rebel News, long shunned by the party establishment, was welcomed at the conference, indicative of a newfound openness to new voices within conservative circles.

The substance of the conference reflected this newfound vibrancy, with panels on censorship, global warming skepticism, and combating foreign influence.

These topics, often marginalized in mainstream discourse, found a platform at the event, underscoring the growing divergence between traditional narratives and emerging conservative thought.

Poilievre's speech challenged the elitist perception of liberalism and advocating for a new brand of conservatism. This rhetoric resonated with the audience, reinforcing the notion that conservatism is not synonymous with stagnation but rather a dynamic force for change.

In contrast, the current Liberal leadership, epitomized by Justin Trudeau, looks increasingly out of touch with the zeitgeist. Trudeau's reliance on scripted events and token gestures underscored a disconnect with the electorate, particularly among younger voters disillusioned with political theater.

GUEST: Rebel's Robert Kraychik on the latest regarding the Coutts 3 ongoing court proceedings for their involvement in the peaceful border blockade in favour of medical freedom against COVID restrictions.

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