No one says that Canada has the best healthcare system in the world anymore

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Tonight, have you noticed that no one says that Canada has the best healthcare system in the world anymore?

Back in the day, people were sometimes asked to say what being Canadian meant. The first most common answer was that we're not American. That's not an identity, it's an anti-identity, and it's not that true.

The second most common answer was our Medicare. But now it's hard to remember anyone praising our healthcare system in at least ten years.

In the last four years, COVID-19 has damaged so much trust in the system that it's pretty much polished off any love for our healthcare system.

COVID-19 purged a lot of excellent nurses, doctors, paramedics, and others from the healthcare system as well. Then add in the 2.2 million immigrants last year to Canada and no wonder our health care system is just the pits, and the situation only seems to get more tragic by the day.

GUEST: Rebel's chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joins the show to break down Trudeau's lies from his testimony on the public inquiry into Chinese election interference.

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