Five highly paid government prosecutors are trying to crush the Whistle Stop Diner

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Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra is on the scene in Red Deer, Alberta, where a hearing for the government versus Chris Scott, the owner of the Whistle Stop Diner, has commenced.

Scott refused to close his establishment during the pandemic, and the government seemed intent on making an example of him. In a battle against the unlimited resources of the state, Scott's lawyers are attempting to uncover secret documents hidden by the government.

It is believed that the government is hiding records from Scott that suggest illegal activity and a malicious prosecution. Chris Scott's case has garnered attention as the Whistle Stop Diner is more than just a restaurant in Mirror, Alberta. It serves as a gas station, general store, and the hub of life for the small town with a population of just 502.

During the hearing, it was revealed that the government had been conspiring to find ways to take down Scott and his business. They attempted to get his landlord to evict him and tried to obtain his insurance documents and alcohol license. It was evident that their focus was not on public health but on crushing this small business owner.

The hearing highlighted the personal agenda of health bureaucrats who were given quasi-police powers during the pandemic. They seemed to have a personal vendetta against Scott, wishing COVID cases upon him and his establishment. The fact that no COVID-related cases were discovered from any illegal outdoor gatherings only fueled their frustration.

As the legal battle continues, Scott's lawyers are seeking further disclosure of documents to uncover the truth behind the government's vendetta against the Whistle Stop Diner. The disclosure of these documents is essential for a fair trial, but the government's five lawyers are fighting against their release.

This case raises questions about the allocation of resources and the priorities of the government during a public health crisis. With 30 different people involved in hunting down Scott and his business, it's clear that the focus has shifted away from the greater good and towards settling personal scores.

The Whistle Stop Diner case serves as a stark reminder of the potential abuses of power and the importance of standing up against the unlimited resources of the State. As the hearing continues, Chris Scott and his lawyers remain committed to uncovering the truth and fighting for justice.

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