Justin Trudeau says he supports independent journalists. Do you believe him?

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Over the weekend, Twitter added government affiliation labels to state broadcasters, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights that, while this label may seem trivial, it has reignited conversations about the CBC's independence and Trudeau's relationship with the media.

For years, Trudeau's CBC state broadcaster did not have warning labels like other government-affiliated media outlets, such as RT and Al Jazeera. Twitter's new label, "Government-funded Media," reflects the reality that CBC receives over a billion dollars in taxpayer funding annually. Despite this, the CBC claims that their editorial content is not influenced by the government.

The CBC's argument for independence crumbles when examining their coverage, such as their "At Issue" panel discussion on the Trudeau Foundation. Panelists included Rosemary Barton, a journalist who has previously sued the Conservative Party, Chantal Hebert, who worked for the Trudeau Foundation, and Althia Raj, Trudeau's authorized biographer. With such strong ties to Trudeau, it's hard to believe that the CBC's political analysis is truly independent.

The Broadcasting Act, which provides the CBC with its editorial guidelines, further undermines their claim of independence. By dictating what the CBC should say, argue, and promote, the Act itself proves that the broadcaster is not truly independent. This is a clear example of the government's influence over the media.

Trudeau's actions also cast doubt on his commitment to independent journalism. He has introduced bills aimed at censoring the internet and banned specific news outlets from attending election debates. Additionally, he has received questionable financial support from foreign billionaires, such as a $200,000 donation from a Chinese businessman and his ties to George Soros.

Despite these issues, the media seems to be siding with Trudeau over Elon Musk, who has pledged to make the internet free again. The question remains: does Trudeau truly support independent journalism, or is he simply using it as a talking point to further his political agenda?

Twitter's new label for the CBC as "Government-funded Media" may seem insignificant, but it has brought to light the concerning relationship between the Trudeau government and the media.

With clear financial ties, biased panelists, and government-controlled editorial guidelines, it's difficult to believe that the CBC is truly independent. Furthermore, Trudeau's actions and ties to foreign billionaires suggest that his support for independent journalism may be nothing more than a façade. Canadians must remain vigilant in holding their leaders and media outlets accountable for providing unbiased and transparent news coverage.

GUEST: Franco Terrazzano.

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