Trudeau's exhaustive lip service no longer resonates with Canada's youth

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Tonight, Ezra uncovers why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau no longer resonates with Canada's youth.

A secret RCMP report forewarned of more civil unrest should Canadian taxpayers become disillusioned by their fleeting financial security. It paints a bleak picture of Canada’s short-term future.

"The global community has experienced a series of crises, with COVID-19, supply-chain issues, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine all sending shockwaves throughout the world," reads the report Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada.

"The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations," it adds.

"Who pays for this latest $50 billion orgy of spending by this costly prime minister?" rhetorically asks Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre. Certainly not Trudeau.

"It won't be those with trust funds that protect their millions of inheritances like the prime minister, nor the billionaires that invite him to their private Caribbean islands," he said. "They'll hide their money ... [while] the welder and waitress can't [afford their] ... inflated mortgage rates."

Canada's inflationary spending and outlandish housing costs, courtesy of record-breaking immigration and low supply, has left many youths wondering what tomorrow looks like for them. Without a balanced budget in sight, the future is bleak for Canadians outside Trudeau's posse.

Many Canadians under 35, according to Five-Year Trends for Canada, are unlikely to ever afford a place to live, noting that conditions "will probably deteriorate further in the next five years."

According to in-house Privy Council research, about a third (36%) of Canadians worry they will never enjoy the standard of living their parents did.

Frankly speaking, Trudeau exudes privilege. He's a trust fund kid. No Trudeau has worked in three generations. It should come as no surprise that he fails to understand the value of a dollar.

Trudeau may talk a big game about punishing the rich, but his increase of the capital gains tax is a sobering reminder that perception not policy is his end game.

"Just because you think you're going to gain additional revenue from raising taxes doesn't mean it's going to be the case," said the Fraser Institute.

According to the think tank, the top 20% of household incomes over $243,799 yearly pay nearly two-thirds (61.9%) of the country's personal income taxes and more than half (53.1%) of total taxes.

In contrast, the bottom 20% — who earn up to $59,270 annually — pay only 0.7% of all personal income taxes and 2.0% of total taxes in Canada.

GUEST: Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun Contributor and Political Columnist.

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