CBC has a Twitter tantrum but they actually need more warning labels

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid.

While CBC whines about being correctly labelled as the subsidy burglar it is, the network has accessed another line of handouts to brainwash other people's kids.

The CBC had at least two tantrums over the last seven days.

The first tantrum came after being accurately slapped with a "government-funded" warning on Twitter by the social media network's fun new owner, Elon Musk.

The second tantrum came after Musk mocked the network for protesting the label because the CBC received approximately 30% of its budget from ad revenue.

The CBC threatened to make Twitter an even more fun place by quitting.

But the CBC is subsidized in ways beyond the macro handout the state broadcaster receives in the form of nearly $1.3 billion annually.

The CBC, in 2021, reached into the Canadian Media Fund to top up their social justice assets at CBC Kids in two separate grants totalling nearly a million dollars.

One grant of $250k was meant for the production of content.

Another one, for $700k, was dedicated to digital content, which ostensibly means the cluttered website with kid-friendly colours, where your minor children can go to learn about how mean Trump is, how bad pipelines are, how quickly climate change will kill us all and how to gender confuse oneself with made-up pronouns.

This network needs more warning labels.

GUEST: Rebel News journalist Alex Dhaliwal on being kicked out of an NDP press conference by Rachel Notley in Alberta.

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