Poll shows people who want Canada's immigration reduced the most are immigrants

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Tonight, a poll on Canadian immigration shows that immigrants are the ones who want immigration reduced the most!

It seems like just a moment ago when even raising the subject of immigration was forbidden in polite company, even though, for years, Canadians have said the numbers were too high.

There was a precise moment when the Conservative Party of Canada decided it didn't want anything to do with Rebel News anymore. It was an interview with Andrew Scheer, when we asked him about immigration. He avoided the question so we asked again, and again, and again. That was the last he ever made the mistake of talking to Rebel News.

Now, immigration is one of those issues that everybody talks about — except the media. Mickey Kaus calls that kind of story the "under-news." It's the kind of thing that real people talk about, but if you only follow the regime news you’ll miss it completely.

Immigration is the ultimate "under-news" issue because it touches on so many issues at once, all of which the regime media are squeamish about. Housing is the most important one. You simply can’t add two million people a year to Canada without driving up the price of housing, especially given that Canada is only building around 200,000 houses a year. Crime is another big one. So is social unrest, especially when it comes to people who came here from countries where antisemitism was endemic, and who have become "activated" like Nazi sleeper cells.

We’re no longer vetting immigrants for cultural fit. In fact, we’re not really vetting them at all — we admit 6,000 people per day, 365 days a year. To immigrate to Canada, you don’t even need to have an interview or face-to-face meeting. So yeah, those Hamas hate marches are a function of immigration, too.

Everyone talks about this, except the establishment. To them, if you even breathe a word about it, you’re a racist, and that's all there is to it.

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