You won't believe these Toronto Police Service training videos are real

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GUEST HOST: David Menzies

In recent years, we’ve witnessed so many entities going woke – from academic institutions and major corporations to Hollywood studios and even professional sports leagues. This commitment to wokeism is especially true when it comes to one particular file: namely, advocating for transgender rights. Sure, that chick look might look like Herman Munster in a miniskirt, but he – or she –or they’ve got, you know, rights. Not equal rights, mind you, but extra-special rights.

Indeed, advocating for transgenderism seems to be the hip and fashionable thing to do these days, be it taking in drag queen story time down at the public library or accommodating a high school shop teacher who likes to dress as a grotesque caricature of a woman while teaching Woodworking 101.

But to quote Bachman Turner Overdrive circa 1974:

Yep, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In fact, you were never meant to see what I am about to present. That’s because this material was never meant to be seen by the general public, but rather, only the rank and file of the Toronto Police Service. This material was leaked to Rebel News by a whistle-blowing Toronto police officer, a whistleblower who shall remain anonymous.

And so it is we have in our possession online training modules from the newly-woke Toronto Police Service and the message is simple: when it comes to that whole serve and protect shtick, a different set of law enforcement rules must be put into play when it comes to the transgender community.

Yes, in the quest to affirm and appease the spirit unicorn demographic, all Toronto police staffers are now obligated to watch an education initiative called — and I’m not making this up — “the Gender Diversity Trans Inclusion Project” – or GDTIP for short. Hmm… GDTIP… wasn’t that a trim level for the Pontiac Bonneville back in the day?

Anyway, much like Disney World where it is verboten for staff to say, “ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls”, the cops are being forced to go woke, too. In fairness, the only difference is that all this woeful wokeness is being forced upon the Toronto Police Service by that non-elected and unaccountable kangaroo court that is the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

And our whistleblower tells us that many of the rank and file simply cannot believe what they’ve had to endure with this training module. Little wonder: as you are about to see for yourself, many of the videos essentially involves members of the Toronto trans community — many of whom seem to be homeless and/or struggling with mental health issues — lecturing cops on the unique ways they must police transgender people. And like everything else pertaining to the transanity file these days, the prevailing theme boils down to three points:

  1. If it’s trans it’s good; and if it’s good it’s trans;
  2. Transgender people should be treated in a special way because, well, these are special people;
  3. And if anyone has a problem with the aforementioned points number one and two, then you are insensitive at best and a hateful transphobe at worst.

The content is truly jaw-dropping; I can only imagine what goes through the heads of Toronto’s Finest when they are forced to sit and watch this rainbow-hued propaganda while being forbidden to laugh out loud.

But don’t take my word for it. I’ve spent a few hours going through this agonizing and at times nonsensical module — so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it:

Video 1

The first spokesman — er I mean, spokeswoman — er, no, that’s not quite right either. You see, this person identifies as “agender”. That’s A-G-E-N-D-E-R. That means neither male or female or a transman or a transwoman. Yep, agender is a new one for me too, folks, so I looked it up. Here’s the definition: “Agender people see themselves as neither a man nor a woman, or both. They're gender-neutral and often are described as genderfree or genderless.’’

Thanks for the clarity, Merriam Webster. Much obliged!

Yeah, it’s clear all right. By the way, Gotham City has nothing on Hogtown these days thanks to the disgraceful stewardship of the Dishonourable ex-Mayor John Tory.

Anyway, let’s get more clarity from Mr./Mrs. Agender his/ herself.

OK, this person was handled really physically and violently… but was she/he/vee/zee… perhaps… you know, breaking the law at the time? What led to this negative encounter with police? It’s never explained. And yes, I know we are supposed to think of trans people as being soft and cuddly and full of love and giggles – but is this truly always the case? Remember this guy – I mean, gal. I mean, something?

Yeah, the clerk was obviously at fault for calling someone who is obviously a biological male… “sir”. And, par for the course, when a trans-person has their feelings hurt, well, they tend to self-identify as a violent thug.

Video 2

Oh my God in heaven! She had her gender-affirming articles confiscated?! In other words, they took away her dildo!

Sorry, but when one is being incarcerated, that’s standard procedure when one is placed in a prison cell. You surrender your shoelaces, necktie, wristwatch, cellphone — you name it. But apparently a dildo is a… “gender-affirming article”? Um, no it’s not. It’s most likely a phallic-shaped piece of plastic made in China.

And in theory, it’s something that could be weaponized. Ah, but because the owner of this dildo is a transgendered humanoid… well, as Gilda Radner used to say:

Now, back to the Chief, who by now, must be wondering why he ever got into policing in the first place. You see, it’s all about getting to know the transgender community — their needs, their wants, their ambitions, their dreams…

Seriously, after that pep talk from the chief, how many police officers are now updating their resumes…?

Video 3

Oh, but the propaganda keeps coming. Here’s a message from someone who is actually a Toronto police officer. He’s part of the Equity Inclusion and Human Rights Unit. Yeah, as Torontonians are getting randomly mugged and stabbed and murdered, well, by golly, it warms the heart to know the cop shop has an Equity Inclusion and Human Rights Unit…

Yeah, so welcome to your whiz-bang woke Toronto Police Service in 2023, in which hiring is no longer determined by merit, but rather, gender identity. In other words, you want a job with the Toronto cops, make sure you bring along that white, pink, and baby blue coloured flag to the hiring interview… and tone down all of that “toxic masculinity” … you big bully…

Video 4

Moving on, in case you thought the role of a police officer was to uphold the law and keep the peace, alas and alack, that’s just so yester-decade. Because while it would be quite jolly that cops are familiar with the Criminal Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in Toronto, the powers-that-be would prefer that the constables morph into gender-bender know-it-alls. Check out what this specimen has to say.

Well, thank God gender expression has a scent! After all, we wouldn’t want to exclude the canine unit when it comes to all this trans inclusion now, would we?

Video 5

Now wait just a minute here. “LGBTQ2S+”? Wow, that is such outdated language to describe the alphabet soup community? After all, back in 2017, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario said the proper descriptor for this set was the following acronym: LGBDDTTTIQQAAPP… which stands for: Lesbian, Gay, Gender-queer, Bisexual, Demi-sexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-spirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual and Polyamorous.

(As an aside, did you notice that one letter is conspicuously absent, namely “H” for “heterosexual”? You know, that silly sexual orientation that comprises oh, about 98% of the people on this planet? But I digress...)

Say, this never gets old: let’s watch ex-Liberal Party of Canada president Stephen LeDrew going to bat for this astonishing acronym:

Oh, poor Ledrew... that statement ended his 20 year career at Bell Media. You can't call confused trans people... confused after all... So much for classical liberalism...

You see, even the people pushing this crap don’t even know what it means. As for Chevaliar, who I believe is now a sergeant, I suggest you turn yourself into HR for some gender diversity training. But I digress. Let’s see what other tips Officer Friendly has for the rank and file.

Did he say really say “nibling”? Isn’t that a brand of licorice-like candy?

Or maybe I’m thinking about canned corn from the Jolly Green Giant? 

You know, does it disturb you as much as disturbs me that the Jolly Green Giant wears a dress? Say, do you think the Jolly Green Giant is trans? But really, why is he always standing with his legs akimbo above the crops? Like, where does he relieve himself? And maybe that’s why he’s laughing all the time? Ugh – I think I’m not so keen about Niblets or Nibs or Niblings anymore, truth be told…

But we have more to learn, I should think, from the gay sergeant.

Wow, policing just got so much tougher for the boys and girls in blue, didn’t it? I mean, next time some officers get in a shootout with some gangbangers, hopefully they don’t “misgender” anyone. Or fail to use their “chosen names”. By the way, for all those still employed with the Toronto Police Service, for the record, my chosen name as of now is… Mother Goose…

Video 6

Now it’s on to Module 6 and it’s time for Lisa Crooker to weigh in. She’s the senior officer overseeing the gender diverse trans initiative because this is obviously the highest priority for the Toronto Police Service today as violent crime skyrockets in Hogtown. But teaching the cops critical trans theory — that’s the really important agenda item.

I call this fun with statistics, because at no point in this module is transphobia defined. And really, what is transphobia? Being misgendered? Calling your niece a “niece” as opposed to a… “nibbling”?

Oh, by the way, the bio of that spokesthingy is very intriguing. His name is j wallace skelton (all lowercase letters because uppercase is colonialist or white supremacist or something) and he notes that he goes by no pronouns. Yeah, there are about 128 pronouns out there and Stinkerbell has yet to find the one that matches his… category? How about this for a whiz-bang retro-cool gender pronoun: fruitcake. Let's continue, class...

Video 7

Wow, my heart is bleeding for all the normal cops right now. Because according to Raymond of No Fixed Address, before any interaction takes place, cops must determine the sexual orientation and gender identity and the preferred pronouns of those they might be arresting. Oh, and once it’s determined that the suspect is trans, please officer, arrest him gently. Again another example of how the trans community is not fighting for equal rights, but rather, extra-special rights.

Video 8

And now, meet Stevia, self-described as a black multi-disabled neuro-diverse trans man. In other words, Stevia is the perfect diversity hire for any government bureaucracy.

Say, wasn’t this thorny issue of male boobery adroitly addressed in the Seinfeld TV series?

But I digress. Let’s hear more from Stevia.

Sorry, Stevia, but if you know someone who becomes suicidal due to “misgendering”, they need the help of a psychiatrist…

Video 9

Now, let’s move on to another wise man-woman-person…

What?! So this character once upon a time was a man and now he’s a woman… who happens to be lesbian? So nothing’s changed, really — he presumably liked women as a heterosexual man… and now he still likes woman… as a lesbian? Is it just me or are things getting unnecessarily complicated these days?

Oh, by the way, Gapka, despite appearances, isn’t a street person camping out at Trinity Bellwoods — he too, is an adviser with the Gender Diversity Trans Inclusion Project. And he has much to say:

So there you have it. Toronto police officers must be clairvoyants these days a la the Amazing Kreskin, because Susan “is attracted to women… and that’s really important… but it’s really important as a trans woman who I am attracted to romantically and intimately is different than who he is every day as a woman.” Yeah, that makes perfect sense to me, too.

Let’s proceed with the next lesson, kids…

Oh, and here’s something interesting when it comes to native affairs. The trans training program notes that “it is important to recognize that two-spirit is only ever a term for Indigenous People, and that it is not appropriate for non-Indigenous people to call themselves two-spirit.”

Gracious! That’s not very inclusive now, is it? I mean isn’t being trans all about identifying as something you are not; you know, going through your life as though Halloween is 365 days a year? And now you’re telling us that if a cowboy identifies as an Indian this is somehow offside? Oh, again, it’s so confusing, isn’t it?

And let’s wrap up things with a short pep talk from Officer Nibbling — I mean, Constable Chevaliar.

Video 12

And that is the thing, isn’t it. The cops across Canada have either been indoctrinated or fear that their ass is grass if they don’t act in a “trans friendly” manner. So much so that blatant crimes committed by trans people now go… unpunished.

You want proof? Consider what happened to peaceful protester Billboard Chris in Vancouver last month. My colleague Drea Humphrey has the story:

You know, maybe we all jumped to conclusions by labelling Frederike Buchmann a liar and incompetent due to her own inept actions by refusing to charge those violent transgendered thugs. Because just maybe, the Vancouver Police Service, much like the Toronto police, also has mandatory transgender training.

So when Buchmann refused to press charges against that violent transgendered mental case and when she instead revictimized the victim by claiming that Billboard Chris was the author of his own misfortune by “triggering” the mob, this was not a matter of Buchmann failing to carry out her sworn duties.

Rather, in our not-so-brave new world, Buchmann was setting a jolly good example when it comes to modern-day progressive policing. In our upside-down clown world where transanity rules supreme — even when it comes to law enforcement — policing slogans such as “To Serve and Protect” and “Deeds Speak” have gone by the wayside… at least when it comes to one small, unhinged, easily-triggered demographic.

No, the whiz-bang motto for modern policing today boils down to, again: “If it’s trans, it’s good and if it’s good it’s trans.” Oh, and if you — and when I say “you” I mean normal, law-abiding citizens — if YOU happen to have a problem with that slogan and its inherent double-standard, you’d best keep your mouth shut.

Because you might just be charged with a hate crime given that the police are now being told to morph into Orwellian thought police. So, don’t be too harsh on Officer Buchmann and her ilk, because, how shall I put it? These days, they’re just following orders…

GUEST: C2C Journal's Peter Menzies joins Ezra Levant.

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