Guilbeault and the UN continue their assault on plastic goods

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Tonight, Rebel News enters the belly of the beast. The United Nations is in Ottawa to outlaw plastics.

They want to regulate plastics worldwide, instituting a plastics registry for everything from cutlery to medical devices to sports equipment, and even maple syrup tubes.

Unbeknown to Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, plastic is a solution to many problems. It is ubiquitous by design, and constitutes the building block of everyday items that keep the modern world spinning.

You don’t need to take my word for it!

“The ubiquity of plastic in society means most businesses and organizations will use plastic manufactured items and will be under provincial jurisdiction,” wrote Federal Court Justice Angela Furlanetto.

Last November 16, she ruled the cabinet order, which barred six single-use plastics, as overly broad and unconstitutional. 

The Court also upheld arguments by the Government of Alberta and Saskatchewan, claiming the cabinet order stepped into provincial jurisdiction on waste management, a provincial responsibility. 

At the time, a joint statement by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and Environment Minister Rebecca Schulz, endorsed the decision to rule the cabinet order as "unconstitutional."

They considered the order a threat to their $18 billion petrochemical economy, and to "the balance of federalism."

But the feds quietly announced the requirement of resin manufacturers and hundreds of finished plastic goods to report to Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) new plastics regulator. 

It would require producers to report annually on the quantity and types of plastic they place on the Canadian market, how that plastic moves through the economy, and how it is managed. 

However, a Government Notice extended the deadline for mandatory registration to September 29, 2025 at the earliest, after the next general election.

Guilbeault’s lawyers are currently appealing a 2023 Federal Court decision that struck down the “toxic” blacklisting. A decision by the Federal Court of Appeal is pending.

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