What’s going on at Columbia University? Ezra tries to find out.

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Tonight, Ezra uncovers an active pogrom on the grounds of Columbia University.

Home to the largest Jewish population of any city worldwide, New York has witnessed a barrage of antisemitic protests from woke activists and apparent sympathizers of Hamas.

At the gates of Columbia University, students paying in excess of $70,000 annually in tuition have decided to reject their studies for a futile Marxist-Islamist protest.

Nearly two dozen cops are on campus to deter interlopers from joining the protest on campus.

The once esteemed institution has quickly devolved into America's most antisemitic university. Paradoxically, the school was built on the generosity of Jewish donations.

In part, the philanthropy of Jews brought a medical school and hospitals to the region, while the contribution from Palestinian students on Columbia seems to be a lot of protests, a lot of violence, and a lot of antisemitism.

There haven't been mass beatings, but there had been some assaults. The brown shirt marches of yesteryear are in full swing, with the adornment of Hamas masks.

They're using some of the same chants, but don't say death to the Jews. They're slightly more sophisticated in their opposition to the self-determination of the Jewish people.

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