Why are the courts shutting down — even Zoom trials?

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I saw this headline: 

Ontario's Superior Court of Justice to defer cases due to pandemic

Ontario's Superior Court of Justice has directed courts to defer as many matters as possible due to the pandemic.

Chief Justice Geoffrey B. Morawetz issued a notice to the profession and the public on Tuesday saying courts should reduce the number of staff, lawyers or parties required to leave their homes.

OK, hang on. It’s been 14 months. Are you saying this branch of government — the highest-paid branch, the highest-status branch, the judges — haven’t figured out how to operate in the pandemic?

Grocery stores never closed. Factories never closed. Banks never closed. Pharmacies never closed. Construction sites never closed.

I think that, frankly, some of the so-called COVID measures introduced by many companies are absurd and they’re public health theatre, not real medicine. But they never closed.

But now, 14 months into things, the senior court of Ontario thinks it has to gear down because of the pandemic?


Are they just moving online? To Zoom calls? Yeah, no:

Morawetz says virtual hearings should also be deferred.

What? Why?

So let’s catch up here. First Parliament was cancelled, and then brought back in a limited manner. Of course, journalists were limited to who could attend. So, limited Parliament, limited journalists covering Parliament. As if Parliament was making any of these laws — they’re done by decree, by appointed bureaucrats.

Yeah. So limit Parliament. Then limit media coverage of Parliament. Limit travel, both internationally, and now within our own country. Limit churches. Limit permission to leave your own house.

Limit your life. Limit everything — except your obedience and acceptance and compliance. No limit on police powers. No courts have struck down any meaningful lockdown rule.

Oh — and up next: Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault will introduce their law to limit what you can say and what you can hear on the Internet, especially if it taunts politicians.

And now this.

GUEST: Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot on Twitter) on Joe Biden’s Climate Summit.

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