Where did those COVID rules come from? Evidence that was 'limited in quantity and quality'

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

No one knows where the 6-foot rule that dictates how close we can stand to each other in lineups and grocery stores came from. It seemed like it materialized from the ether and then controlled our movements with stickers and arrows on the floors of almost everywhere we stood.

Because people wanted to be seen to be doing something to prevent the spread of COVID, even if that thing made no sense, was ineffective and annoyed the daylights out of you. It was a thing, nonetheless. You were saving lives if you just stood over there.

It's the same thing with masks.

COVID-19 certainly isn't the first new respiratory illness to come on the scene. However, the response was like nothing we had ever seen before. The entire country was under a masking rule.

But did you know that from the earliest days of the pandemic, the Public Health Agency of Canada knew that “evidence for non-medical masks is limited in quantity and quality”?

That phrase — limited in quantity and quality — was taken directly from an internal government communication.

Today I will show you the exclusive emails obtained through access to information from PHAC which show that after direct intervention and from the Health Minister's office, the agency changed its tune on masking.

That certainly explains all the flip-flopping Dr. Teresa Tam did at the beginning of the pandemic.

In the course of one week, she went from “no masks for you” to “wear a mask but only if you are sick” to “wear one all the time.” That's what her political masters wanted. She wasn't following the science, though she badgered us to do. Tam was following the leader even though she knew it was useless.

Tam wrote in one email, prior to her capitulation on masking:

We have no plans on providing guidance to the questions below but looks like GC [Government of Canada] and OGDs [other government departments] want us to provide further guidance

Masking was a political decision enforced by someone you can't even vote out.

Then, our newest Rebel, Juan Mendoza Diaz, joins us from his home in Laredo, Texas to talk about what he saw on his fact-finding mission about the migrant crisis on America's southern border unfolding in the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas. You can see his reports and support his work at www.RebelBorderReports.com.

Then, I read your letters to the boss!

GUEST: Juan Mendoza Diaz (@JuanMoreNews on Twitter)

FINALLY: Your letters to Ezra!

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