What's the next thing after transgenderism?

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Tonight, what’s the next thing after transgenderism? Here's the mind-boggling answer.

It feels like we never heard of transgenderism until about five minutes ago. It was so rare. There were a couple of Hollywood movies about transvestites — but they were plot devices. In Tootsie, Dustin Hoffman couldn’t get ahead as a man, so he became a sassy woman and had great success. It was the same thing with Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire — a man wanted to spend time with his kids after a bitter divorce. Again, a plot device, and a comedy. The character wasn’t trans.

The only glimpse of transgenderism that most people saw until a decade ago was a glimpse into some gay nightclubs — that’s where Madonna got her inspiration for her dance video, vogue. Her style of dancing was called voguing. But it was an activity, a fetish, from a very adult, very separate scene — a million miles away from children.

And then suddenly it was here, and it was everywhere.

Here’s a headline from 2012 when it happened: "Being transgender no longer a ‘mental disorder’: APA."

So it was a decision that was announced. Who knew you could vote to make something an illness and then vote to make it not an illness? And who knows who gets to vote on it, who they were, who paid or lobbied them, or anything. It just was done — and now you’re living it.

And they can do it again.

Here’s what’s next: "Quebec man has two healthy fingers amputated to relieve 'body integrity dysphoria': It’s not the first time amputation has been used as a treatment for the rare condition."

Sorry, did you call that "treatment"? Cutting off perfectly healthy fingers is a "treatment"?

The article discusses a man who reported that "a surgeon at his local hospital agreed to an elective amputation in what is being called the first described case of 'digits amputation' for body integrity dysphoria, or BID, a rare and complex condition characterized by an intense desire to amputate a perfectly healthy body part, such as an arm or a leg.”

Sorry, is it still a mental illness? Or did an obscure committee of the APA have a meeting one weekend and vote to make it a lifestyle — one protected by the Human Rights Commission at that? And maybe your schools will start showing young children books about choosing their bodies — including what fingers are really bothering them?

It sounds nuts. But isn’t that what they’re doing right now about “gender dysphoria”?

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