Is Chrystia Freeland even worse than Justin Trudeau?

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's international reputation rests largely on his carefully curated image of a progressive, feminist, globalist leader. Initially, his charming demeanor and flashy socks captured the world's attention, but the substance quickly proved lacking. In global circles, Trudeau is often perceived as a mascot rather than a decision maker.

Global leaders soon realized that beneath the flashy exterior, Trudeau lacks meaningful insights. His speeches at forums like the World Economic Forum devolve into self-promotion, emphasizing his commitment to raising his sons as feminists, rather than addressing significant global issues. This focus on symbolism over substance has left him floundering in international politics, most notably during the NATO Ukraine negotiations.

The recent Abacus poll shows that Trudeau's popularity is particularly low among young men who see him as insincere and manipulative. The mask slips and the deceit becomes apparent - Trudeau the "feminist" dismissed allegations of sexual assault against him by saying the victim experienced it differently. This manipulation extends to his Indigenous relations as well, with his empty promises and disrespect leaving a bitter taste.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland often fills the void left by Trudeau's lack of policy engagement. Known for her work ethic and direct involvement in critical matters, she seems more hands-on compared to Trudeau's superficial approach. However, her management style carries its own drawbacks.

Freeland's condescension and evasiveness when answering straightforward questions echo the disconnected political rhetoric of Trudeau. Her recent comments on the carbon tax in Prince Edward Island demonstrated a glaring disconnect between her urban reality and the rural realities of many Canadians. Despite having a taxpayer-funded car and chauffeur, she suggested people should cycle or take public transport – a highly impractical suggestion for most Canadians.

Furthermore, she advocates for austerity measures that are disconnected from the realities of average Canadians, suggesting that they cut back on luxuries like Disney Plus subscriptions to afford the carbon tax. All this while she frequents high-profile events sporting $800 sneakers.

In the end, the problem with Trudeau and Freeland's leadership isn't just their hollow words and lack of substance. It's the fact that they seem completely disconnected from the realities of the people they claim to represent. They may be loved by international media and certain demographics, but for many Canadians, they symbolize the very problems they claim to be fighting against.

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