A British political violence group comes to Canada — but they’re left wing, so the media loves them!

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I saw this tweet by a B.C. journalist over the long weekend.

It’s a tweet and a picture.

This is not going to end well if one of these activists is caught in the act.

So that’s in B.C. But can you find something odd about the piece of paper?

Attention — your gas guzzler kills.

We have deflated one or more of your tyres.

Do you see it yet? Tyres — spelled with a y. That’s not how you spell tires, is it? We spell it t-i-r-e. That y business — that’s British. It’s like they say lorry, instead of truck. Or torch instead of flashlight. It’s one of the countless tiny, wonderful differences between us and the mother country.

This was written in London. London, England, not London, Ontario.

Now, I don’t know what they actually did. I suppose deflating a tire is different from slashing a tire. But not much different. Both immobilize a vehicle.

And if you didn’t notice, you could start to drive, and you could have an accident. What if you drove and you didn’t realize quickly what was wrong, and you merged into traffic and had an accident, or your car swerved, or you were quickly down to your rims in traffic?

Then your tire would indeed be ruined.

This is exactly what the Criminal Code calls mischief.

Hey. Didn’t Tamara Lich, the peaceful grandma who led the truckers — didn’t she get charged with mischief? Actually, I don’t think she did — I think she was charged with inciting mischief, which is a degree weaker, isn’t it? And what — 48 days in prison? And subject to bizarre and abusive infringements on what she can do in public life — banned from even criticizing the government?

So that’s what a peaceful grandma did, who apparently encouraged some horn honking. But deflating tires — t I r e s — well, that’s just dandy.

But my main point is — this is up. On the Internet.

They have an instructional video on how to do it — that’s up on YouTube. YouTube will deplatform you if you question any fundamental narrative about the pandemic. But they’ll let these criminals propagandize how to deflate tires.

That’s dictionary-definition mischief. But it absolutely endangers lives. Tampering with a car's tires?

So where’s the police action? I’m not looking for riot police. I’m not looking for a suspension of civil liberties. I’m not even looking for jail time — unless some injury or death does arise from this mischief.

I am looking for a denunciation of this by police and politicians; for a crime stoppers campaign to catch the criminals; for a condemnation of it from, say, the environment minister.

Alas, Steven Guilbeault, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, is himself a convicted criminal in the cause of environmental stunts. He loves these guys. For all we know, he funds these guys.

He’s not going to criticize these guys, is he?

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